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A World of Magic

3bedn-lv_thThe Nyior Borneo Villas is located on vast space close to the Tip of Borneo. Here the sea, the sun and the land come together in a wonderful union. Built on a gentle slope from five meters at beach front to fifty meters, the Nyior presents spectacular ocean views from nearly every corner, views that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Imagine ending your day on the balcony of your two or three bedroom villa as the curtain of sunset falls behind the sea. Waves gently tickle the white sandy beaches and their lolling sound pulls you into a state of calm that you find nowhere else in the world. Not far away,2bedn-lv_th the virgin rainforest enchants the evening with the music of many different species of wildlife—some newly aroused, some preparing for sleep, all in harmony with the twilight. You have found paradise… a faultless 5-star Villa Resort designed for your personal pleasure.

Villas Designed to Peak Your Pleasure

The ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ plan provides significant advantages to the foreign property owner. Originally targeting over 50-year-olds, recently it was expanded to include all age groups as part of an immigration plan to encourage foreign buyers and their families to live in Malaysia.

Whether purchasing as a leaseback investment or as your own tropical haven, investors, families,and all International travelers will find their paradise at The Nyior. We offer numerous options in a uniquely tropical ambience—eight luxury villa designs. We have specifically designed our 43 luxury villas to meet every single one of your needs.

villa living areaFurniture and fixture packages are an optional addition for villa interiors, designed and procured on your behalf by our interior designer. Your villa will be furnished with exquisite gallery-worthy furniture and objets d'art to make it visually enchanting from every vantage point, both inside and outdoors.

Both Two-bedroom and three-bedroom villas are now available for purchase. Reserve your idyllic location now! Contact us and discover The Nyior.