Explore Sabah

Sabah, Malaysian Borneo presides over a unique location that flatters an already perfect tropical climate where temperatures range from 70° to 90°. Sheltered from the “Ring of Fire” Sabah is protected from volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons and all other natural disasters. You'll find enchantment in every corner: in the quiet solitude of ocean diving or snorkeling or as you trek through the 130 million year-old rain forest as Sabah sings with the songs of over 600 bird species.

 What’s Your Pleasure?

rainforestFrom pure serenity to absolute adventure, you’ll find your pleasure in Sabah. Her flawless beaches, sun-speckled waters, and primeval forests provide an ideal vacation for every type of naturalist. Yet, she may call you with the lone seductive note of a deep voiced gong, one of those handcrafted for centuries by the Rungus people.

Recent improvements in Sabah’s infrastructure have spawned new life in many of her coastal villages. Today you’ll find vibrant towns and small cities that pulse with all the amenities you expect in a world-class, tropical vacation.

At Sabah’s northernmost point you’ll enjoy the Simpang Mengayau, the “Tip of Borneo,”. This is the area where, only recently, the Enchantress has revealed her secrets. Simpang Menagayou is an area where secluded beaches wait to be discovered, where the longhouses of indigenous cultures dot the landscape, and where shaded forests wait to disclose their innate beauty. It is here where The Nyior merges seamlessly into the magic of Sabah. Contact Us. Discover the Nyior.